New Art Social

Date: Sat, 7 April 2018


Location: Quilliam Brothers Teahouse

Claremont Buildings,

1 Eldon Place

Newcastle upon Tyne



I am participating in a panel discussion on "Engaging People Through Creativity" at New Art Social, a series of events organised to offer an opportunity for creative people to gain an insight into other people’s artistic process. New Art Social is a night at which exciting new and established writers, poets and artists share their work through readings and panel discussions. It is curated by author Guy Mankowski, who aims to break down the barriers which keep the wealth of artistic talent of Newcastle in isolation. New Art Social is created to give artists a chance to speak to one another and share their experiences of exposing and making a living from their work.

The next iteration of New Art Social will take place on Saturday 7th April, 7pm, in the downstairs cinema at Quilliam Brothers Teahouse, Newcastle. The night will open with a panel discussion on Engaging People Through Creativity, with Sheyda Porter, co-director of Lungs Project and Patricia Suarez, Movement Director. The event will also feature poetry readings from the widely anthologised Beda Higgins, as well as from Jasmine Jade and Lucie Wareham, plus dystopian fiction from Tom Astley.

Tickets are £3 on the door. Please note that entry is on a first come first served basis.

Istanbul Residency

I am undertaking an artist's residency at Tasarim Bakkali in Istanbul, Turkey between 20 Nov 17 - 02 Jan 18. Here, you will find a selection of works in progress.

ArtyParti Podcast

I have been invited to do a podcast interview with Spark FM Sunderland with my Lungs Project collaborators Angela Wingate-Burdon and Rebecca Burdon. Edinburgh based artist Mary Trodden, who was featured in the first issue of Lungs also joined us in discussion. We talked to Jay Sykes about our current open call and how our project developed following our launch in 2016. Here's the full audio:

An Essay by Rosie Minney

Artist and Fine Art student at Newcastle University, Rosie Minney, writes an essay in response to my recent solo exhibition in Vane, "Idea Generating Machines". In the essay, Minney talks about Marcel Duchamp and Robert Rauschenberg presenting everyday objects as art by altering the spectator’s vision and redefining the cultural context of objects. She then asks "So it is true that you can’t have just anything masquerading as art on the floors of the gallery, and so I wonder what is it that makes Sheyda Porter’s sculptural collages of everyday items a valuable use of gallery space?" 

You can read the full essay here:

Photography and Objecthood: In Conversation with Julie Louise Bemment

Today I was in conversation with Newcastle based artist Julie Louise Bemment regarding her latest pop-up exhibition "Photography and Objecthood" held at the PH Space in NewBridge Project. We talked about the intersection of photography and photographic documentation of sculpture amongst other topics like surfaces and three dimensionally. You can listen to our rather 'long" conversation here: "Photography and Objecthood"