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'Women working in sculpture' - with Christine Borland and Sheyda Porter

'Women working in sculpture' - with Christine Borland and Sheyda Porter





 NO.9 PART 1

Date: Mon, 5 February 2018

17:30 – 19:30

Location: Institute of Transplantation Lecture Theatre, Freeman Hospital

Freeman Road, High Heaton 

Newcastle upon Tyne 

NE7 7DN 

United Kingdom


I am speaking at a panel organised by 'Women Working in Sculpture - Towards a New Lexicon' research group to present my experience as a newly graduate artist/curator practising in the U.K. as an immigrant. In this event, I will be discussing the issues myself and lot of artists like me deal with upon graduating.

'Women working in sculpture in Britain from 1960 to the present day – towards a new lexicon' is a developing research project, aiming to find a more considered language to articulate and map the immensely rich and diverse practice of women working in sculpture, in Britain from the 1960s onwards.

The research has its origin in exhibition making and the evident under representation of women in exhibitions, public collections and within the art market. To date a cross-generational selection of women sculptors have been interviewed, exploring artistic languages, exhibition histories and the broader socio-economic and cultural context of women’s practice and careers. 

This event will include a resumé of the research and explore how a creative life is enabled and sustained. Christine Borland, who has recently completed a major commission for the Institute of Transplantation and Sheyda Porter, a recently graduated sculptor and curator, living and working in the North East, will present experiences based on recent practice. Dr Catherine George and Hilary Gresty, project leads, will introduce the session and Natalie Rudd, Senior Curator, Arts Council Collection will join the plenary discussion.

Financially supported by The Henry Moore Foundation and the University of Lincoln, with support in kind from the Institute of Transplantation and Northumbria University.

Image: Sheyda Porter, Idea Generating Machines, No.9 part 1, 2016.

The event is free entry, please book a seat at the link below:

LUNGS Manifesto

LUNGS Manifesto

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